5 Reasons to Explore Bhutan

The Land of the Thunder Dragon, Bhutan, tells the tale of a land filled with natural gifts.

A small country, lying in the midst of the Himalayas with a stunning landscape, a unique and secluded culture and a range of diverse flora and fauna, Bhutan is your chance at an adventure you shouldn’t miss.

The Land of the Thunder Dragon, Bhutan, tells the tale of a land filled with natural gifts. Largely dominated by the majestic Himalayas, Bhutan also shows incredible geographical diversity. The mountains and lands far away from human civilization in Bhutan are a breath of fresh air for travelers. The trekking routes of Bhutan take you through a journey along with the dense forests, rivers, and gorges to an exotic destination. A range of diverse flora and fauna are found in these lands including rare wildlife species like the Snow Leopard, Bengal Tiger, Barking Deer and so on.

Similarly, the unique culture and traditions in Bhutan are also one of the attractions of Bhutan. Almost all of Bhutan displays illustrious monasteries and dzongs. Visitors can explore the famous cultural monuments like Rinpung Dzong, Punakha Dzong, Budhha Dordenma statue, Dochu La Pass, Tiger’s nest and so on. These heritages relish in the rich culture and tradition of Bhutan which have been passed down from one generation to another.

Special Features of Bhutan Travel

The special features of Bhutan that will guarantee make your stay more exciting are:

  • Natural wonders

Bhutan is rich in natural bio-diversity with many mountains and forest ranges that are yet to be explored by people. Gangkhar Puensum (7570m), the highest unclimbed mountain in the world, is one of those wonders. Similarly, there are plenty of other Himalayas and travel destinations across the country perfect to address your travel needs.

  • Hospitality and Friendliness

Bhutanese people are known to greet you with a smile wherever you go. Bhutanese are very friendly and show immense humility to the travelers who come to Bhutan. Their culture and traditional norms to treat visitors in a welcoming manner also add to their hospitality.

  • High Value, Less Cost

With an abundance of things you can do and enjoy in Bhutan, the price of your trip is fairly less. While the cost can depend upon the length of your stay, your travel cost will prove to be more than worth the money you spend in Bhutan. This goes with the saying; low cost, high value.

  • Traditional Hub

There are many unique traditions in Bhutan to make the country culturally prosperous. These traditions have given birth to rich art, instruments, and festivals that cannot be found in other parts of the world. Likewise, Mahayana Buddhism is the official religion of Bhutan which also aids to the wealth of culture and tradition in the country.

  • Food Utopia

Food is yet another highlight to all the visitors who travel to Bhutan. One peculiar food item is Chilly which is not only spice in Bhutan but a part of the food. Most of the national cuisines of Bhutan including the national dish Ema Datshi cannot be made without the use of chilly. Bhutanese cuisines are a food you must taste at least once in your life.

  • Richness of Culture

The isolation of Bhutanese culture from the rest of the world has given it a unique identity as “The last Shangri-La”. Prevention from other cultures to be incorporated has helped Bhutan in preserving its cultural heritage and independence for a long time.

  • Activities to Pursue

Trekking and hiking are the major attractions of Bhutan. You will get a chance to travel through high and steep mountains and calm forests and re-live your moment in the peaceful lands of Bhutan. Similarly, tours also a part of the activities that are popular in Bhutan.

5 Reasons Why You Should Explore Bhutan

  • Culture

The isolated culture of Bhutan is something that gives it a unique identity. The main religion of Bhutan is the Drukpa Kargyupa sect, a branch of Mahayana Buddhism and is followed by two-thirds of the entire population. The remaining one-third population follows Hinduism and other religions.

The prevalence of Buddhist culture has given rise to languages, beliefs, traditions, behavior, and lifestyle that is found only in Bhutan. A rich cultural art followed by an array of music, dance, and sports activities are also reasons why Bhutan is cultural heaven. Bhutanese people are required to follow a national dress code, Driglam Namzha, while in public. Bhutanese also apply their culture in daily activities while eating, greeting people, and doing other things. So, in this sense, the day to day activities of the people is strictly governed by the culture they follow. To be able to mingle with Bhutanese and their culture is truly a fascinating experience!

  • Nature/Landscape/Bio-Diversity

A part of the Great Himalayan Range, Bhutan is filled with snowy mountains. The land of Bhutan consists mostly of steep and high mountains accompanied by fast flowing rivers flowing between deep valleys. The diverse geography combined with a diverse climate makes Bhutan a perfect destination for adventure tourism.

Natural hallmarks like Che la Pass, Laya, Chomolhari (7326m), Manas National Park, and Jigme National Park are famous trekking spots in Bhutan. These trekking sites will take you through temperate alpine and coniferous forests along with deep valleys and gorges to your final destinations where you will meet an array of mountains smiling down at you.

Bhutan is also known for the rare animals and birds which have made the dense forests their home. Rare animals like Snow Leopards, Bengal Tigers, Red Panda, Barking Deer, Blue Sheep, Gorals, Himalayan Black Bear, and Musk Deer are found in Bhutan. The sub-tropical jungles also consist of animals like One Horned Rhino, Clouded Leopards, Swamp Deer and so on. 57% of the globally disappearing birds have also made the forests of Bhutan their home.

  • Cultural Monuments

Bhutan is filled with monasteries and temples. The rich Buddhist culture of Bhutan is the reason why these monasteries are so well-preserved and are the major tourist attractions of Bhutan.

The Tigers Nest, Rinpung Dzong, Punakha Dzong, Buddha Dordenma Statue, Chimi Lakhang, Gangtey Monastery, etc. are the most popular destinations in Bhutan. The famous Tiger Nest Monastery is one of the most sacred places for Buddhist pilgrims around the world. As such, these monasteries have not only a cultural value but also historical value as most of them are dated almost hundreds of years ago. The house wall paintings, scriptures, and artifacts which offer insight into the history of Buddhism.

What is even more attractive is the journey to these monasteries. Most of them are situated away from cities so, there are hiking and trekking trails that reach up to them. These routes offer to immerse natural beauty all throughout the journey. The trails can even be a way to discover your true self as you venture through the land of Bhutan.

  • Food and Cuisine

Bhutanese people take immense pride in their cuisines. Chilly and Cheese are the national favorite and are used in most of the food products. Pork and chicken food items are generally liked by most of the population and are famous among tourists as well. Most of these food items are made from fresh organic vegetables and meat products which provide a different taste to the taste buds altogether. Also, their neighboring countries: India and Tibet, have also influenced their cuisine.

Ema Datshi is the national dish which is a type of stew made from a blend of chilies and cheese. This is a challenge for tourists whose taste buds are not used to extreme spiciness. Along with the national dish, some other Bhutanese dishes like Red Rice, Jasha Maroo (Spicy Chicken), Paksha Paa (Pork and Chilly), Suja (Bhutanese Butter Tea), Ara (Alcoholic Beverage), Zow Shungo, Jaju Soup, Jasha Tshoem, Khur-le, Puta, Momos, Hoentay, etc. are also very popular among the tourists.

  • Art and Craft/ Festivals

The purity of ancient handicraft still remains in Bhutanese art and craft. These works of art are created to date and are full of Bhutanese belief and culture. Most of them are made from wood and natural paper products. The 13 traditional art forms of Zorig Chusum are still celebrated in the country. Believed to be introduced by Pema Lingpa in the 15th century, each of this art produced to follow the principal, symbolism, and ideologies of Buddhism.

Another unique factor about Bhutanese art and craft is that the name of the one who made the craft is always anonymous. These objects decorate houses, streets, and temples and can be seen all around the nation. Paintings, woodworks, sculptures, and embroideries of Bhutan carry a special cultural value and are priceless for the people of Bhutan. Apart from these the people also take part in paper making, casting, masonry, carpentry, and carving.


Bhutan is one of the places you must visit in your lifetime. The rich culture and traditions, hidden in the land of the Himalayas are sure to leave you mesmerized. All in all, visiting Bhutan will provide you with an experience you have never experienced before. And, at the end of your trip, you will want to return again for more adventures in this magical country- Bhutan!

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