Local vs International Company for Traveling in Nepal

Basically, the local tour operators are the companies which organize tours and trips in different regions of Nepal.

Dubbed as the Trekkers Paradise, Nepal is a nation of many riches. The country is enriched in both natural as well as cultural aspects. The journeys here are a basic combination of beautiful Himalayan views, ancient heritages, charming hills, and diverse cultures. Nepal is the birthplace of Gautam Buddha (founder of Buddhism) and the home to a variety of ethnic communities. It is also widely known for hosting a number of great Himalayan ranges including the world's highest peak, Mt. Everest (8848m). There are multiple international and local companies through which you can choose to trip in Nepal. It can never be highlighted enough that the success and degree of comfort on your trip completely depend upon your choice of agency. Whether the trip operator is from overseas or within Nepal, the services they offer are similar in most of the cases. However, it is the small things that differentiate a good trip from a life-long memory.

Who is the local tour operator?

Basically, the local tour operators are the companies which organize tours and trips in different regions of Nepal. In terms of Nepal, local tour companies are registered under by the Government of Nepal. They may also be members of Trekking Agencies’ Association of Nepal (TAAN), National Mountaineering Association (NMA), and similar other associations. These affiliations and memberships ensure your journey with a legit company. Similarly, overseas tour operators are foreign companies which conduct trips in Nepal. As per the laws of the Government of Nepal, an overseas company must be affiliated with a locally registered travel agency to run any kind of trips and services in Nepal. Due to this, their overhead expenses are pretty huge which result in them charging their customers extremely high for their trips.

You can directly contact the local companies (in Nepal) via the information provided on their websites. They help you to plan any trips or to clear out any kind of queries. These local institutions are the actual experts. They lead you through your treks and climbing trips in Nepal. Hence, it is better to deal with the locally based Nepali companies that offer you best and safe trips through the Himalayas. You can now save your money as well as valuable time in this way.

Here are some of the major reasons to choose local companies over international companies for traveling in Nepal:

Valuable and Better Pricing

From a traveler’s point of view, cost-effectiveness is a very important factor for a particular trip. As mentioned above, international and overseas companies are mediators between you and the local companies. The price tag offered by the local agencies is way less and valuable compared to the ones done by the overseas. There aren’t any kind of issues or major difference in the services provided. When you plan your trips with these companies you pay only for what you are getting. In fact, local companies offer you more experienced guides and team member. They actually care for your money and try offering you the most valuable and reasonable packages. Some local companies may also offer a special discount for groups and on the occasion of various celebrations.

Helps Boost Up Local Economy

Most of the travel agencies in Nepal have engaged themselves in enhancing corporate social responsibilities. They majorly help the local community grow strong in economic and monetary ways. Choosing local companies helps to boost up the concept of sustainable tourism as well. With them, you can travel, and make the positive and best possible impact on the environment, society, and economy of the destinations. While booking a trip through local institution the money and the cost collected goes directly to the local society. This helps in the overall local advancement of the destination. Choosing these local associations will definitely lend a hand for good cause and help in the development of local society.

Provides Better and Authentic Information

Local companies provide you with the best information about the destination. It is an obvious thing that local institutes have proper and diversified information regarding the trip and different destinations as they specialize in operating within the boundaries of Nepal. This can be a highly beneficial thing for travelers as they get to know everything about their destination from the local experts (who knows from tip to toe about the journey). These local institutions are also well aware of different abounding conditions and circumstances and know how to deal with them. First-Hand information ensures your safety. Also, they answer your queries that are crucial before heading into any kind of adventure through the country of Himalayas.

Do not Compromise in Services and Offer Better Destinations

Unlike international travel agencies, local companies only deal with destinations within their country. Their major focus always remains at maintaining the best possible services and preservation of the local destinations. Nonetheless, an overseas company deals with travel queries of customer who prefer visiting different countries, all around the world. Due to this, their focus is not at a particular destination of your choosing. The travelers might also miss out on major must-visit locations. Sometimes, this results in fewer regards for the preservation of destinations. The local companies are well aware of the time bounded to visitors and try their best to manage as many trips as possible within the time period. Their services to are the finest as they have contacts with other local service providers. This helps them cater to all your needs and never compromise on the quality as well.

Customizable Flexible and Reasonable Trip Itinerary

The best thing about Nepali travel companies is that you can style and customize your itinerary. The itinerary can be made to suit your time and as per your requirements. There isn't any kind of fixed guidebook that you must follow. However, the overseas travel companies usually have their own fixed set of itinerary and timetable that traveler must follow. They provide their visitors with very little option unlike the local companies here in Nepal. Local companies have add-in options making your itinerary flexible as per demands. After optimizing all your requirement and time with our experts we offer you the best possible itinerary that can further be changed in need. And you don’t have to worry about the price as we assure you with low price and optimum satisfaction level.

No Hidden Cost

The local companies, unlike international travel companies, don't have any kind of hidden costs. There have been cases where the travelers have had to pay the prices which were hidden from them. While dealing with companies like us, at Nepal Ascent Treks, there will not be any type of third party cost or commission cost to plan any trip. This guarantees that you pay only for whatever services you are getting.

Offers Local Experienced Trek Guides and Porters

Local companies like us only use local experts, porters, cooks, and trek guides. During your trip, you will be accompanied by highly experienced guides. These local experts are well aware of different risks that may arise during the trip. Also, they are highly capable to handle such situations proficiently. These guides are selected as per their skills and professionalism. While they are locally born and bred, they have good communication skills, proven safety records, and charming personalities. When you book your trip with local companies, they offer you a Nepalese staff for your trip. These people can explain a lot about the destinations as they are highly engaged in different kind of work with that place.

Offers Small Groups and Private Departures

This is one of the biggest pros of choosing a local company. They provide you with a different category of packages varying upon destination, price, and degree of comfort you choose to travel. They also provide the best possible trip plan for you depending upon the number of participants. This makes traveling in small groups and private departures possible. Although the group may be smaller, there isn't any kind of compromise in service that is offered. Traveling with a smaller group is beneficial to truly savor the adventures and events of a trip. Similarly, you can also decide your departure time and make flexible plans accordingly.

Care-Free Trekking

When you assign your trip through companies like us, we assure to arrange everything required during the trips. You don’t have to arrange anything yourself. Our team will deal with all the complexities and make sure that you don't have to deal with it. This assures the most care-free trekking experience where you can enjoy the actual beauty of the region rather than focusing on other issues. An experienced local travel operator like us is not only a companion in a new country but also a friend that guides you safely throughout the journey. Also in case of any kind of flight delays or canceling, we also help you to arrange flights and helicopters. However, international trip companies will not offer you with services. Even if they do, there will be a huge price difference.

In Conclusion,

So, if you are planning a trip to Nepal, it is better to deal with local tour operators. They offer you the best price range, care about your well-being, and prioritize your needs over other factors. With the local companies having had the experience and expertise of traveling across Nepal for many years, they have some authentic information on the weather condition, road condition, and trek route issues. This will surely help you throughout your adventure in the country of Himalayas. Although the country is a paradise for visitors, there are some inevitable risks and challenges that you may face. We will always be looking after your safety. The local agencies like us guarantee to have your back throughout the journey. Travel safe, Travel responsibly and Travel with local companies.