Local Culture in Nepal

The culture of Nepal is commended all around; the people are often celebrated for their relaxed demeanor despite the country’s unstable political situation. What the country may lack in infrastructure they make up for it in with their hospitality, deeply ingrained with values of Buddhism and Hinduism-- the two major religions practiced in Nepal. However, Nepal is a multicultural, multilingual and multi-religious country, with respect for diversity for all, the nation is practicing varied practices openly and peacefully. Celebrations happen all year round because of this and the country is enamored by Hindu, Buddhist, Christian, Muslim, and other culture. Another striking element of Nepal comes from food. With heavy influence from the neighboring countries, the country enjoys a delicacy that is unique and tasteful. The diverse nature of Nepal makes for a cultural experience that is unforgettable. The key cultural tours are Buddhist Cultural Tour, Nepal Introductory Tour, and Highlights of Nepal Tour.