Bhutan's rich in diverse flora and fauna with amazing view of mountains along with unique culture, tradition and lifestyle makes quite an experience.


Bhutan is a South Asian country that lies between India and China. It is rich in natural beauty with beautiful landscapes and mountainous peaks. The country is also rich in diverse flora and fauna. There are various towns and monasteries worth visiting. It is a great place to spend time in sightseeing and enjoying the beauty of nature. Amazing view of mountains along with unique culture, tradition and lifestyle of Bhutanese is quite an experience.

As Bhutan follows Tibetan Buddhist region, there are quite a number of monasteries, gompas and chortens. There is the famous Taksang Monastery and Lungchutse monastery. In addition, there are also famous historical forts. There is also a zoo in Thimpu where tourists can visit. Various mountain peaks like Mount Chomolhari, Jichu Drake and many others can be viewed from Bhutan. Bhutan is gaining attraction from international tourists one of the best destination to spend vacation.

Some Facts:

  • Area: 38,364 km²
  • Capital: Thimpu
  • Population: 697,000
  • Religion: Buddhism and Hinduism
  • Languages: Dzongkha, Sharchop, Nepali
  • Currency: Bhutanese Ngultrum


Entering Bhutan:

By Road:

  • You can get in to Bhutan through West Bengal in India. You can get to Phuntoshling, Bhutan through this road. The exit from Bhutan through road is from Bagdora, West Bengal. Also, you can also enter Bhutan through another entry point Guwahati, India.

By Flight:

  • Druk Air is the only airline that operates in Bhutan. There is direct flight to Bhutan from Kathmandu. Also, there is direct flight to Bhutan from some other countries like India, Thailand, Bangladesh and Burma.


Information on visa:

  • We will make all necessary arrangements to obtain visa and permits from Kathmandu
  • You can get visa only through travel companies
  • You will need to have valid passport with at least six months of validity period remaining
  • Bhutan visa will be issued at Paro airport
  • If you are travelling by land, visa will be issued at Phuntsholing


Useful information:

  • All the places in Bhutan are not full of facilities. Only city areas provide star level accommodation. Around the villages you will be staying at lodges.
  • You will have to be fully insured so that it will cover up for any emergency situation during the trip.
  • For staying connected with people you may use telephone services at the hotel or use the internet at the cyber cafes around the town area
  • Money exchange facility is provided at the exchange counters in the  airport as well as at forex companies in Bhutan


Notable Places to Visit: